How To Add €400,000+ To Your Top Line Revenue In The Next 12 Months (Or Less) By Leveraging “10X Results” AI-Driven Omni-Channel Sales Automation Pipelines

Without wasting time and resources on trial and error, hiring and wrong decisions.
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Of CRM pipeline value created, even in this market.


of precious Core Mission time saved for founders.

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per quarter to ensure everyone achieves maximum results

Philip has been absolutely instrumental in ensuring Cytely got the funding and revenue (3.5 MSEK) necessary to have a fighting chance. He continues to somehow magically create money in the business even though we are at an early stage with our product and offering. His knowledge of Al and Sales Automation and his Senior Executive experience is an immense lever for us as a business.
Pontus Nordenfelt
CSO and Chairman of the Board
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Step 1

Develop your perfect ICP, Offer and Case Studies

We use experimentation and data to develop the type of client you love to serve, hone into how to reach them in the best way possible, and create an offer that puts you in a “category of one”.

Charge more per client
Become a "category of one" offer
Step 2

Create custom AI-Enrichment Pipelines

We use AI enrichment techniques using proprietary methods and intel databases to craft hyper-personalized emails.

Unheard-of reply-rates
More sales
Step 3

Build Omni-channel Sales Automation Pipelines

We develop an omni-channel and AI-supported approach with custom delivery infrastructure to get Inboxed on day one on campaigns and for wider reach, higher response rates, and faster sales pipeline growth

Inboxed on day 1
More data = more revenue
Step 4

Scale out and iterate

Continuously test and iterate on your outbound strategies, using data and feedback to refine your approach and improve results to get predictable sales growth, increased efficiency in outreach efforts, and stay ahead of the game. 

Sustained sales growth
Increased efficiency in outreach efforts
Step 5

Put a world-class system in place

Implement systems and processes that automate and streamline outbound campaigns to cost-efficiently drive ongoing improvement and growth in sales pipeline and revenue.

Develop Standard Operating Procedures for all things revenue
Commission-only SDRs driving leads forward in pipeline
Doing it right takes experience and investments of time and resources. You will likely second guess your decisions and lose time between A to B.
Split focus
You will have to shift your focus away from your Core Mission in order to learn the necessary skills to operate and/or manage the process
Inefficient time use
You will spend time and effort in hiring the right people (and going through a few duds as there truly are few real experts in this field)
$50,000+ investment
You will need to invest at least $50k for just the email delivery infrastructure in order to get above-average results

Stressed, confused team

Before Cytely started working with us in May 2022 they were just a research team with a (world-leading) research prototype and no real business in place. They had a vague idea that “perhaps this research can be commercialized” however they didn’t have the skills, focus or time to develop the business further than that. There was no plan in place on how to generate revenue or how to turn it into a business.

Going out into the market fast was their greatest concern, as the window of opportunity for leveraging technical innovation is always closing. Competitors will catch up eventually and the team realized this. The team had spoken to 3 huge microscopy companies about a potential acquisition of the idea before deciding to work with us. 

Team was stressed out, end of runway looming closer
Lead generation was not a common skillset in the team

Clarity and success

Fast forward just 6 months later and LupineLeads had generated ~€350k in revenue and grants and closed their first two deals in the academic research field, which is notoriously difficult to do. 

What did we do? We applied our 5-step process to take this team from a research idea with some potential to a Revenue Generating Life Sciences SaaS Startup well on its way to raising a huge round and truly revolutionizing their field, potentially saving millions of lives from cancer and other diseases. 

No more runway stress
No more lead generation struggles
You will be able to add €400,000 in less than 12 months without wasting time and resources
You will find and attune to your ICP to communicate with them effectively, reducing your CAC and improving your marketing margins drastically
You will become a well-known premium and expert brand in the market for your ICP
You will sign 5-6 figure deals every single month, predictably 
You will easily raise your next round of investments thanks to having a world-class system in place that is generating tangible results
You will feel at ease knowing that you can focus on your Core Mission

We develop your ICP, Offer and Case Studies

Before, you were hustling, relying on your network for referrals and maybe some founder-led sales and marketing as your main revenue-generating activity. Every day was filled with confusion and “move fast and break things”.There might have been some dabbling with Sales Automation and AI, but no real feedback loop, process or discipline in place.

But now, you can work with LupineLeads as your Growth Partner and we’ll develop your understanding of your ICP as well as lock in an offer that resonates with them. We will also ensure your case studies are tangible if they exist and create them if they don’t already exist.

We will put an AI-enriched feedback loop in place which drives high-deliverability outreach campaigns and feeds feedback and data back into the feedback loop.

AI-enriched, hyper-personalized outreach

Before, when you wanted to reach out in a personalized way to each prospect, you had to painstakingly send messages 1-on-1 limited by the capacity and time available with you as a human being.

But now, when you work with us, your campaigns will be AI-enriched with hyper-personalized copy at whatever scale necessary for the campaign. Without spending thousands of dollars and/or hours on personalization.

Enterprise-grade delivery infrastructure

Before, you reached out to a few hundred contacts before getting a few bounces and worrying about domain quality and reputation. 

But now, you can work with us and leverage our custom enterprise-grade delivery infrastructure (with IP quality the same as Microsoft’s own services) and see your campaigns get inboxed on day 1 with stellar reply rates and overall deliverability. All without investing €50k+ in just email delivery infrastructure.

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